Solid brass navigation dividers

Chart work Dividers and Pencil Compasses.

We are pleased to offer a selection of solid brass pencil compasses and solid brass single handed and straight dividers in a variety of sizes. All our dividers and pencil compasses are made in the UK and the pencil compasses are MOD NATO pattern approved. Click on the image to the left or here to see the full range available

Parallel and rolling rulers

Parallel Rulers and Rolling Rulers.

We stock a range of parallel rulers including Admiralty solid brass and acrylic rolling rulers and braked rolling rulers as well as well as CSR MOD approved and Blundell Harling Captain Fields Pattern Parallel Rulers and Protractor rulers. All our Parallel and rolling rulers are British made and some are MOD NATO pattern approved. Click on the image to the left or here to see the full range available

Portland and Breton plotters

Portland Plotters & Breton Plotters.

Port land plotters and Breton Plotters are very popular products particularly among the Yachting and Sailing fraternities. We supply the basic Portland plotter either on its own or a kit incorporating 7 inch brass single handed dividers. The classic Breton plotter comes on its own. There is a professional course plotter that incorporates a pointing arm available. Click on the image to the left or here to see the full range of Breton and Portland Plotters available in store.

Portland Squares protractors triangles

Portland Squares Triangles Protractors.

Portland Squares are a very fast and accurate alternative to parallel rulers especially on small bridges. The Maritime bookshop stocks a range of Portland Squares and Portland Triangles as well as Hurst Square Protractors and Douglass Protractors and the conventional 360 degree protractor. All are made in Great Britain of high quality UV resistant Acrylic. You can visit the navigation squares and triangles category by clicking on the image to the left or on this

Chart Work Accessories Navigators

Chart work Accessories.

Chart correction stencils for Admiralty Charts. Solid brass chart weights. Speed-Time-Distance Calculator Standard Portland 7" option or 11" NATO style option. Pencils 2 B beryl Mirado suitable for chart work and plotting as well as propelling pencils with 2 B leads and erasers that won’t destroy your expensive charts. These chart work and plotting accessories are available from our online store here.

carbon steel deck knife and spike

Deck Knives Rigging Knives Marlin Spikes..

Deck knives and rigging knives along with the chisel and point marlin spike have been the tools of the professional mariner for centuries. At the Maritime Bookshop we stock a range of first class British made carbon steel deck knives and spikes from our Master Cutler suppliers in Sheffield England. These include the famous Green River knife, M.O.D Riggers knife. Master Mariners knife and spike combo set. Click here to see the full range of Carbon Steel Sheffield made rigging and deck knives.
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