Our primary mission is to provide the industry with quality solutions for whatever we are asked to do. We have developed a unique consultancy and resource improvement program approach designed to improve outcomes for both off-shore and near-shore clients and customers. To achieve that goal, we work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved for their unique project.

  • Independent Marine Consultant
  • Client Representation
  • Offshore Anchor Handling Towing
  • Dynamic Positioning Systems
  • New Build Supervision
  • Expert Witness
  • Nautical Instruments
  • Crew Training
  • CIEH Manual Handling
  • CIEH Working at Heights
  • IOSH Working Safely
  • IOSH Managing Safety
  • API-RP2D Rigger Training
  • Wire Termination

Our Track Record

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Listening to what our customers have to say has improved our customer loyalty and created a larger customer base with increased activity at home and overseas. Improving performance reducing down time, lowered operating costs and enhanced employee performance are just a few of our goals. We strive to at least meet or preferably exceed our clients requirements and goals.